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Design Central UK App

Introducing the ultimate interactive event companion to enhance your visitor experience.

FREE and simple download 

1. Simply scan the QR code using your mobile phone camera

2. The link will take you to the App store for your phone

3. Click download - it's absolutely free! 

Download for iPhone

Design Central UK-qr-code - Apple.png

Using your iPhone? 

Open the app in the App Store and download

Download for Android


Using your Android mobile? 

Open the app in Google Play and download

Don't miss all these exclusive benefits!

  • Handy Reference tool - All exhibitors at your fingertips

  • Current Collections - Learn the latest trends first-hand

  • Craft your dream list of top suppliers!

  • Take snapshots of your favourite designs and create your own gallery of inspiration!

  • Immerse yourself in free to attend Talk Space workshops

  • Receive exclusive event updates and promotions

  • Sign up to the latest Design Central events

  • Industry news and updates direct to your mobile

  • Maps and Directions to all events

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