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Challenges of an Interior Designer

As experienced designers ourselves we understand that time is precious, but it doesn't just end there. The challenges designers and stylists can face is testing which is why a visit to Design Central can help remedy those issues.

Here are some of the challenges we’ve certainly faced and how our interior design shows can help:

Time, precious time…

With so much to get done and with such little time it can feel very overwhelming very quickly. Time is of course money, so by being as organised and as productive as possible is a winner all round. By attending the Design Central shows for a day or even 2 means you can cover off a multitude of things from your to do list. Meet those suppliers you’ve been trying to get around to, see the latest trends or simply take time out to prioritise your projects.

Conveying your ideas

It’s a pretty hard job as an interior designer to express your entire concept along with your ideas for your projects – a floorplan can be limiting! Design Central can help you to get your ideas across by providing you with the resources you need from all of the exhibitors – they will help you match your fabrics, help co-ordinate moods, concepts, looks and feels, provide samples all in just one visit making your ideas truly stand out!

Keeping up to date with trends

You’re juggling your current projects, but the season is about to change, and the launch of new collections are coming at you from all angles – where do you start? Time is so limited to meet with suppliers on a one to one basis, so why not see them all with their new collections and trends all under one roof? Design Central has it covered with over 70 exhibitors and 100+ brands you’ll be tastefully trendsetting in no time.

Marketing & promoting yourself

Past projects, returning clients and recommendations certainly speak for themselves however it’s not always something we can rely on to wait for projects to come knocking. By taking some time out at Design Central you can meet with likeminded interior designers to share ideas on what you find works well but to also have the time to do some Social Media promotion of your own. Remember to follow our platforms to help give you inspiration too.

Client expectations & maintaining them

Another tricky part of being an interior designer is managing the expectations of your clients. The important thing is to be prepared, set boundaries, work to the budget and remain on time. Our shows are designed to give you the resources and confidence you need for your projects. Discuss costs with the suppliers, find the inspiration and products for your projects and have an understanding of the turnaround times to receive those items. You’ll be working with your clients on a whole new level.

Fast project turnarounds

It can be daunting when you know your client has a quick turnaround time and turning away those projects just doesn’t sit well with some of us. Our interior design shows will give you the inspiration, trends, costs and more so you can whip those projects together in no time at all. What’s even more handy is that our shows can fit around your timelines, so come along either day at the time that suits you best.

Travel and working on the go

A familiar place for interior designers – travelling whilst juggling your workload. It’s a tricky one as your projects don’t just stop because you’re away from a desk. The venue and facilities of the Design Central shows provide you with a stunning yet serene environment to work effectively. We have plenty of seating, refreshments, freshly prepared meals, free parking, free show guide as a handy resource for after the event, as well as the top brands and suppliers to give you an uber productive day!

And breathe!

Probably the hardest thing to recognise or even allow yourself to do – have a break! With a continual busy schedule, it can feel overwhelming to even allow yourself to stop for a moment as you want to give your all to your projects. The Design Central shows can alleviate your working pressures by not only providing the resources you need for your projects but we also provide a little pampering courtesy of the gorgeous Jo Malone team. Receive a wonderfully relaxing, luxurious hand-massage with a bespoke fragrance blended for you.

We hope that you’ve been able to relate to some of the challenge’s interior designers face and that by attending the Design Central shows will certainly help your productivity levels.

If you have any questions regarding the event then please of course reach out and contact us.

Register your tickets here and we look forward to seeing you at the show!

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