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7 Reasons to Attend Design Central Shows

7 Reasons to Attend Design Central Shows

As experienced designers we understand the importance and precious nature of time. With busy schedules it can be difficult to make room for a slot in your timetable to unleash your creativity. That's why, at Design Central, we're dedicated to maximising your time and creating an environment where inspiration knows no bounds. Curious about what our visitors truly think? As voted by them, we bring you genuine insights into the Design Central experience. Discover the top 7 reasons why interior professionals consistently choose to make our shows an annual tradition.

Here are the 7 Reasons to Attend Design Central Shows:

1. Regional Locations - Beyond the London Horizon

Our shows embrace the diversity of regional locations, recognising that the pulse of interior design beats in every corner of the nation. It's a celebration of the unique styles and influences that shape your projects, making each event a testament to every region. Step into a world where you are valued and that interior design extends far beyond the metropolitan allure of London. Tip: All our shows feature a selection of local and talented suppliers, so please expect to see something different and unique at every show. 2. Inspiration

Design Central is more than an event; it's a sanctuary for inspiration. Our visitors can immerse themselves in a sea of creativity, where every exhibitor and collection sparks ideas. Whether you're a seasoned professional or at the start of your interiors journey, our shows are designed to ignite creativity, leaving you inspired and ready to transform spaces. Tip: Reach a whole new level of inspiration and professional growth by attending one of our Talk Space presentations, hosted by industry experts providing valuable knowledge. Take a look at the schedule in advance of the show so that you can pre-plan your day. Remember to capture photos of your inspirational elements in the ‘your memories’ area of the Design Central App. 3. New Collections

Witness the launch of the latest Spring Summer '24 collections. Our exhibitors share exclusive insights into the latest trends, innovations, and industry developments shaping the design landscape. Join us and likeminded professionals to experience fresh and innovative collections, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Tip: Get a sneak peek at some exclusive collections by downloading our new App and never miss an update by signing up to our monthly interiors newsletter. 4. Exclusive Trade-Only Event

Design Central opens its doors exclusively to trade professionals, creating an environment where industry experts, designers, and suppliers unite. This exclusive atmosphere fosters a focused and collaborative space where ideas flow freely, partnerships form, and the business of interior design takes centre stage. Tip: As our shows are dedicated to the trade this allows our suppliers to provide exclusive discounts, promotions, or giveaways throughout the event. Keep an eye out for show specials! 5. The Range of Exhibitors

Our exhibitors are not just ‘sellers’; they are your partners. Many of our exhibitors have been with us since the inception of Design Central in 2016 and they are ready to dive into your world, discussing colour schemes, suggesting furniture ideas, and offering bespoke advice that resonates with your vision. Their unwavering support stems from a shared belief in the importance of community and the acknowledgment that your success is intertwined with theirs. Support those who support you - it's a symbiotic relationship that fuels the interior design ecosystem. Tip: Stay connected with our exhibitors via the Design Central App. You can discover the contact details for each and every one and refer back to them even after the show. Prepare a list of key questions for exhibitors in advance of the show to gain deeper insights into their products and services. 6. Free Admission

At Design Central, we believe in making interior design resources freely accessible to ignite and fuel your creativity. That's why attendance to our shows is free. Join us without any constraints and let the world of interior design unfold before you. Tip: At our upcoming South West show we are providing a complimentary cream tea after 2pm each show day for every visitor. Plus, each attendee that registers and attends our educational Talk Space sessions will receive an exclusive Design Central Tote bag, notebook and pencil to record those all-important notes! 7. Networking Opportunities

Design Central is not just an event; it's a networking haven. Connect with like-minded professionals, forge partnerships, and build relationships that extend beyond the show. Our events provide the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations, collaborations, and the exchange of ideas that can shape the future of your interior design projects. Tip: Get ready to collaborate and connect with the ultimate design community. Bring business cards if you have them and take a seat in our breakout areas for valuable discussions. Summary

Design Central is not just a show; it's an opportunity to be inspired, to discover, and to shape the future of interior design. We invite you to be part of an experience that celebrates creativity, fosters connections, and redefines the way we perceive interior design.

Book your free trade ticket now and step into a world where design knows no limits. Your journey starts here.

Remember to add our events to your calendar so you don’t miss out!

Design Central South West 2024

Coombe Lodge, 19th and 20th March 2024

Design Central Essex 2024 Down Hall, 23rd and 24th April 2024

Design Central North West 2024

Capesthorne Hall, 24th and 25th September 2024


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