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From Global Adventures to Local Inspirations - Studio Le Cocq Guest Blog

Studio LeCocq

Step into the enchanting world of Studio Le Cocq as we unveil the captivating journey from global inspirations to local treasures. In this exclusive guest blog, talented creator Stephanie Le Cocq shares the fascinating evolution behind her 'British Biophilia' collection, debuting at Design Central this March. A story woven with passion, sustainability, and philanthropy, offering a glimpse into her artistic world that brings unique patterns to life.

It’s a peculiar thing, when your mind shifts, and tells you that life in the comfort lane is just not enough anymore. With a successful career as a printed fashion designer, I lived abroad and was spoiled with opportunities of travel and inspiration, but I never felt fulfilled. I yearned for more creative autonomy.

The lockdown period provided a pivotal moment of introspection, the slowdown and restrictions with a return to Somerset, led me to draw inspiration right from my doorstep. I was drawn in by the complex details of the forest floor, on my walks in Stockhill woods. Or struck by the beauty of wildflowers along a bridleway. It’s this combination, and a love of botanical drawing and historical textiles (such as William Kilburn’s chintzes), that led me to dream up a wallpaper collection. It wasn’t long before I started drawing, that I founded Studio Le Cocq.

Debuting my ‘British Biophilia’ collection at Design Central this March, is an exciting milestone for me, especially as I get to do it alongside so many prestigious names. My collection consists of five designs; Woodland Floor, The Lost Garden, Daily Walk, Hedgerows and First Signs (of Spring). Each is a labour of love, hand-drawn and painted before being digitally printed onto wallpaper and fabrics.

Studio Le Cocq collection

Mindful of environmental impact I’ve partnered with British wallpaper and fabric manufacturers that prioritise sustainability, printing mainly on natural fibres and printing on-demand to avoid wastage. Additionally, a portion of my profits are donated to conservation charities like Fauna & Flora International.

I look forward to working on my next collection, where I hope to take inspiration from further afield. Beyond my collections, I also provide a bespoke textile design service, catering to interior designers who need help creating unique patterns, or are seeking to have an old wallpaper or fabric fragment reworked. With over 15 years of expertise in pattern design and product development, I’m committed to bringing clients’ visions to life, regardless of scale.

I look forward to meeting you at Design Central South West on the 19th & 20th of March at Coombe Lodge, you’ll find me in the main exhibition space, so please come and say hello, your support and feedback are invaluable!


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